The Shorewood Sentinel (handwritten) 725-2973 June 2-8, 1962 Vol. II No. 23 SCHOOL’S OUT – VACATION TIME IS HERE Did you ever think about the time you were in school, mainly when that last bell of the school year rang. You, and me and a host (or mob) of kids came out the doors, shirtails (sic) flying like it was a canon blast, set of (sic) by the teachers, instead of a bell. I had a teacher one time who cried the last day of school. I don’t believe to this day it was because she would miss us for those three months. I think it was one of two reasons which are, it would only be three months until she had to cope with us again, or that her nerves were so shot, the sudden release, like a rubber band coming back with a snap, and she was crying for JOY. The books will be forgotten, the shoes stuck under the bed, and the bare feet and swimming suits will be the “high” fashions. The school shirts, pants, and pretty starched dresses will be forgotten, except on Sunday. Boys will be seen running to the river with their fishing poles and wiggling worms to catch that “big one” they didn’t last summer. The sunburns will be in style as Shorewood has two swimming “holes” within easy access to the kids. But, of course, the fathers still must work to supply more food for this now more hungry-than-ever broods, and the mothers will have more wet towels than ever to wash and keep in ready supply. The doors will be constantly opening and shutting, for the cry of the summer will be “I’m hungry, Where’s my ball, Bat, or Jump rope? Or maybe it will be “Mom, here comes the ice cream man, Do you have a dime? Gee, Mom, that was yesterday. What about today? I need something cold to cool me off now. Aw, gee, whiz, what good is cold water when a guy needs a bottle of pop or somethin’?” CHEER UP, MOM! IT’S ONLY FOR THREE MONTHS! UGH!!! NOTICE!!! Due to a broken typewriter, we had the decision of using another one, or not running the paper this week. After careful consideration, and deciding it would be easier (sic) hire a substitute typist, who has a typewriter, then to run in answer to the ringing phone in answer to why? (sic) there was not paper, we did the next best thing. Please forgive any short comings you may find in this edition. Editor – A. Blaser – 725-2973 SAINT JUDES GRADUATES June 2-8, 1962 At nine o’clock mass, on Sunday Page II June 3, the following Shorewood FIRE DEPARTMENT NEWS residents will receive diplomas. TROY HOMECOMING Robert Bessette (sic) The Troy Township Volunteer Fire Robert Schwartz Department, which yearly sponsors a William Stewart homecoming announce that this year’s Sally Terlep will be held June 24, 1962 – 10 a.m. – Suzan (sic) Terlep, and Linda Wirtz till -- ??? The Troy Sportsmen’s Club At a ceremony held Monday, May have generously offered the use of their 28, fourteen small fry were grad- grounds for this years affair. The Ladies uated from Kindergarten. Robin Auxiliary will be in charge of the food, Connolly, Cindy Hahn, Richard and the menu will include sandwiches, Hunckler (sic), Frdrick (sic) Kunhart, roast beef, beef barbecue, ham, hotdogs. Jr., George Muentnich, Judy Pubents also included will be home made pies, Dianne Sheridan, Linda Skocy, cakes, potato (sic) salad, baked beans, Stanley Smith, Karen Theobald, etc. Trap Shoot starts at 11 a.m. Dart Mark Hill (sic), Tommy Diamond, board games (sic) fish pond (sic) Peggy Richardson, and Mike children’s races and refreshments. A Mike Schwartz. drawing will be held, for which only FIRE DEPARTMENT AUXILIARY five-hundred tickets will be sold. BANQUET MONDAY FIRST PRIZE - $150.00 Septic Tanks Cesspools, Cisterns SECOND PRIZE - $75.00 Cleaned “Anderson Septic Tank THIRD PRIZE - $25.00 Service” BUD ANDERSON Ticket committee, Jim Keers, Paul Barns, HO 2-5944 OR SA 7-3485 and Bill Kobe. Tickets may be purchased 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE from any of the firemen. The Friday night HO-2-2711 games at the Fire barn are continuing. For TREASURE ISLAND DRUGS those who do not care for Pinochle, Euchre, Francis C. Moss, R. Ph. or other card games, Bunco is also played. U.S. 66 at U.S. (illegible) Firemen’s monthly meeting, Tuesday. SHOREWOOD CHURCH OF GOD Sunday School -- 9:30 A.M. Morning Worship – 10:30 a.m., with The message being brought by Reverend Arthur Miller. Sunday Evening Worship – 7:00 p.m. Bible Study and Prayer Meeting Wednesday – 7:00 p.m. Anyone needing transportation may call 725-9372 AT TROY SCHOOL Kelley’s Cities Service Cities Service 725-9707 (sic) GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH TROY SCHOOL Services have been Listed at the Grace Graduation will take place Sunday Baptist Church for the coming week. at two-thirty p.m. in the school gym. Sunday School, 9:45, with classes for Guest speaker for the occasion will Every age. At 10:45 morning Worship Dr. William French, Superintendent Service with Junior Church being held of Joliet Township High School. At In the lower auditorium. Pastor J. this time, Certificates of Award will Fernlund’s Mornin Message will be be given and the first Nellie Lamping “Give of Your Best.” No Sunday Math Award will be given. Mrs. evening services will be conducted Lamping is a former teacher of long for the next three Sundays. Continued. standing at our great school. HANK FATLAND’S STANDARD The annual picnic for grades one to SERVICE 725-9834 four will be held at Hammal Woods CROMBIE’S DAIRY MART on Monday during the regular Shop and Save! (handwritten) School hours. The upper grades will ALLWAYS POPULAR PRICES have school as usual on Monday. (four illegible words) (CONT’D) GRACE BAPTIST SUMMER STORE HOURS CHURCH 8:00 – 9:00 p.m., Daily Members and friends are invited 725-2564 to attend the Billy Graham Crusade Troy Garage 725-2038 (handwritten) at McCormick Place, Chicago. The Sun Service Equipment service for Sunday begins at three Expert Tune up (sic) Service p.m. The church bus will leave the George Hendrickson Owner church at 12:45 p.m. Reservations may be obtained. (sic) for the bus trip and free reserved seat tickets may be obtained. (sic) for the meeting by calling 725-2858. The bus will also leave for the Crusade Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday evenings at 5:45 p.m. Reserve seat tickets are not necessary for anyone wishing to attend the Crusade by car. (all following handwritten) Troy Riding Club Horse Show – Sunday 1 PM Troy – A.C. Club 725-9863 725-9863 Troy A.C. Club Euchre – Monday, 8:00 p.m. Games – Thursday, 8:00 p.m. Watch for forthcoming bake sale, and fashion show. Full details later The Shorewood Sentinel 10 cents 725-2973 June 9-15, 1962 Vol. 2 NO. 24 TO ALL OUR LOYAL READERS WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL OUR LOYAL READERS FOR THEIR PATIENCE DURING OUR CRISIS. WE HOPE IN THE VERY NEAR FUTURE, TO HAVE THE SENTINEL TYPEWRITER BACK IN WORKING ORDER. IN THE MEANTIME WE HOPE WILL ALL CONTINUE TO GIVE US YOUR SUPPORT. GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH OFFERS GIRLS HAVE A NIGHT OUT FREE BUS RIDES Last Monday evening fifty-two The evening services for Sunday at women of Troy Township left their The church have been cancelled so husbands, children, and etc. to attend That members and friends of the the annual installation banquet for Church may attend the Billy Graham the Ladies Auxiliary of Troy Crusade, McCormick Place, Chicago. Township Volunteer Fire Depart- The church bus will leave the church ment at a Candle-light ceremony At 12:45 p.m., Sunday, and 5:45 p.m., the officers for the coming year Weekdays. Free reserve seat tickets were installed. Installed as May be had by calling three days in President was Ann Terlep, Vice Advance. 725-2858. “Youth for President, Jo Wagner; Secretary, Christ” will be the them of Pastor Jackie Muentnich; Treasurer, J. Fernlund’s message Sunday morning Pat Barnes; Social Secretary, JoAnn At 10:45. In observance of CHILDREN’S Bauer; Trustee, Dorothy Fatland. DAY, all children who attend Sunday Prospective (sic) new members School at 9:45 or Children’s Church were the Madames; Kenneth Ray at 10:45, will be honored with a Charles Dixon, Richard Anderson, special treat. Those with perfect Ronald Smothers, I.C. Bessette, attendance throughout Spring Lawrence Pubentz, Donald Rusk, Attendance Prayer Campaign, will be Clayton Johnson, Fred Rub, Francis awarded during the Sunday School Ray, Earl Luckey, Emma Kapetanic, hour. Rev. J.C. Fernlund, Pastor Schoutz, and Miss Sharon Res. East Shore Drive 725-2858 Bennington. Prize winners for the LITTLE LEAGUE GETS UNDER WAY games were Mrs. Charles Dixon, The Little League play got underway Mrs. James Clair, Mrs. I.C. Bessette, Wednesday evening, but not so good for Mrs. Joseph Alves, and Mrs. Clayton the Shorewood Team. They lost their Johnson. Mrs. Irene Mulligan was first game to the Cubs to the tune of 14-1. awarded the prize as eldest mother on Wednesday the team will play the Braves. present, while Mrs. Richard Ander- Mr. Thomas Talkie is president of the son was awarded the prize for being Shorewood Little League, with Dave Barry, the youngest mother. Other winners treasurer, and Mrs. Claude Beguin as secretary. includes Mrs. Andrew Gollick as a Raffle tickets are now being sold at the price mother with the most children, the of 25 cents for one, five for $1.00. Drawing lady wearing the fanciest slip was will be held June 23. Prizes are $25, $15, $10. Mrs. Glen Wunderlich, and Mrs. Practice sessions are held Saturday afternoon Robert Prodahl took home the prize at the school. The presence of parents would for having the longest run in her be greatly appreciated at any and all games. nylon. Door prize winners were June 11 – White Sox June 13 – Braves June Mesdames Denzil Smother, Leah 18 – Tigers June 22 – Wh. Sox June 25 – Clark, Francis Ray, L.T. Levson, Yankees June 29 –Braves Edward Terlep, Kenneth Ray, (cont’d) Kerry Sheridan, Irene Mulligan, and Andrew Gollick. The auxiliary would like to thank the Famous Beauty Salon, Ann Terlep, Liz Lyman’s Café, Bett Barry, Elfride Pribish, Lorena Rusk, and Florence Booker, for the donated prizes. Also to be thanked is the Joliet Floral Company for the lovely centerpiece. 725-2973 June 9-15, 1962 TROY 4-H JOLLY GIRLS Page 2 At a meeting held Friday in the BROWNIES, TROOP 139 Troy School library, the members Neighborhood meeting of the South- of the 4H Girl’s were present at the west section will be held at Inwood following demonstrations. Park, June 11, at 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. “Foundation Cake”, by Marsha Troy troop 139 will be acting hostesses Horwath, “Oatmeal Cookies” by for the affair, for leaders, co-leaders, Leah Harms, followed by Juanita and mother’s helpers. Mrs. Richard Fitzer with “A Quick to Fix Meal”. DeGrace is leader for the Troy unit A talk was given by Charlene Dennis with Mrs. Leonard Perretta as her co- on “You and your Camera.” It was leader, while the mother’s helper is decided that the Jolly Girls will Mrs. Donald Harl. Day Camp for the attend day camp June 20 at the Brownies will be held August 7,8,9, Fred Francis Field. Registrations 10, at McKinley Woods in Channahon. are to be made with Mrs. Harvey The Troy Brownies have a total of 26 Lewis on or before June 14. Cost girls in the troop. per girl is one dollar. June 14 was BIRTHDAYS set as the next meeting at the school Christian Blaser June 6 – (17) at 2:00 p.m. Any girls in the first Beth Ann McKanna June 7 – (2) year sewing are to be present at 1:00 p.m. 725-9863 + 725-9863 Treasure Island Drugs HO 22711 Troy A.C. Club (handwritten) (handwritten) Euchre Monday – 8:00 p.m. Frances C. Moss, R. Ph. THURSDAY ONLY U.S. 66 at U.S. 6, Bake Sale will be held in connection Kelley’s (handwritten) along with the games. This, Thursday CITIES SERVICE Only! AT THE SOUTH EDGE OF CITIES SERVICE SHOREWOOD 725-9707 (all following text handwritten) Sun Service Equipment Troy Garage 725-2038 GEORGE HENDRICKSON, OWNER 725-2973 LITTLE LEAGUE (CONT’D) June 9-15, 1962 Two farm teams have been formed. Page 3 Their schedule will get underway TROY A.C. AUXILIARY NEWS soon. Uniforms have been issued The regular monthly meeting of the and the boys are ready. A.C. Auxiliary will be held Tuesday SHOREWOOD CHURCH OF GOD at 8;00 p.m. at the club. All present (CONT’D) members, and any wishing to become Missionaries Society meeting at the members, are urged to attend. The long home of Mrs. Russell Mauk, Tues- planned bake sale will be held this day evening. Thursday, Game night, at the A.C.’s We have heard they’re pulling some At 8:00. big ones out of the lake at John TROY FIRE DEPARTMENT NEWS Westerveld’s. On June 3, 1:00 p.m., trucks were Village meeting at the Fire Station, called to the corner of Route 52 Tuesday 8:00 p.m. and 59 to extinguish a fire in an (sic) DRIVE SLOWLY, CHILDREN auto owned by Ray Saldge of Route ARE OUT OF SCHOOL----BUT #1, Oswego. Damage to the fully insured MOTHERS, BEWARE!! car was estimated to be about $300. Help Wanted! (handwritten) SHOREWOOD CHURCH OF (sic) GOD MAID FOR DAY WORK NEAT Held in Troy School AND CLEAN PERSONABLE Sunday School – 9:30 a.m. APPLY ONLY IN PERSON Sunday Worship Service – 10:30 a.m. Rossi Motel (illustration of With message by Pastor Arthur (sic) hotel with name “Rossi” on it) Miller. Wednesday night Bible study Crombie’s (handwritten) DAIRY and prayer meeting at 7:00 p.m. (cont’d) MART COMPLETE LINE OF HANK FATLAND’S STANDARD OF GROCERIES MILK, ICE SERVICE 725-9834 CREAM, GROCERIES WE As you travel, look to Standard STRIVE TO PLEASE COME ON Let Us Do Your Dirty Work IN AND GIVE US A CHANCE Septic Tanks – Cesspools STORE HOURS ** 8:00 a.m. to Cisterns—Cleaned 9:00 p.m., EVERYDAY!! ANDERSON’S SEPTIC TANK SERVICE Shop and Save (handwritten) Cisterns cleaned, repaired, and guaranteed. WE HAVE ALL YOUR NEEDS Twenty-five years experience Bud Anderson U.S. 6 Route #3, Joliet HO 2-5944 or SA 7-3485 The Shorewood Sentinel (handwritten) 725-2973 June 16-22, 1962 Vol. 2 No. 25 Father’s Day (handwritten title) Father’s Day --- The day set aside, like Mother’s Day, to honor our Fathers. It has been set for the third Sunday of June. Some of us remember our fathers, and some do not. As for me, I remember my father very vividly. He was a cripple all of his life, and walked with a cane. But when it came to playing baseball, he had a knack, he would the ball, lay down his cane and run for all he was worth. He also would play hide-and-seek with us. He always did the “seeking” while we hide. His method was to sit on the back porch, or goal, and outwait us. He figured that a child’s (sic) curiosity would not permit them to stay hid very long and as we came out to see what was going on, he would call 1-2-3. My father seldom did the whipping in our family He figured that the mother was there when the mistake was done and it was her place to do the whipping. I remember only three times that he did take into me. One was for talking back to him, and the other two were for running from my mother when I had a whipping coming. I was tied to the water pipes in the basement and soundly whipped with the business end of the razor strap, applied to the lower back side designed for the purpose. As a family we had a great deal of fun, even during the depression. He had a steady job, making 70 cents an hour, to feed nine “kids”. My mother would buy a bolt of black material, because it was cheaper than any other color. We had patches on our clothes, but dad said that as long as a person is clean, inside and out, we were as good as the next guy. I can still hear him saying “We’re poor, but we can also be proud.” DADS do not always expect a present for Father’s Day, you can go to him and just tell him how much you love him, and chances (sic) are he will like that more than any gift you can buy, after all you cannot buy real love and affection. THE THOUGTH FOR THE WEEK: HONOR THY FATHER AND THY MOTHER. 725-2973 NEWS IN SHORT June 16-22, 1962 Linda Vanderhoof was seen going Page 2 to her first formal dance of her SHOREWOOD CHURCH OF GOD young life, last Saturday. The The members of the Missionary address of Steve Paul has been Society met the week in the home of received. Pvt. Stephen H. Paul Mrs. Russell (sic) Mauk. The meeting U855 744-854 Fort Knox, was opened with the Christian Mission- Kentucky. ary Pledge. Bible study was led by James and June Clair celebrated Mrs. Bisching and devotions by their fourth anniversary on June 7. Mrs. Mauk. The Anderson, Ind. (Greetings – Secret Pal.) Camp meeting will be held June 18- Mr. and Mrs. Frank Goodman 24, and linen for the missionary chest left on a vacation – fishing trip will be turned in at this time. The last Wednesday. They went to bake and linen sale will be held June Flora, Ill. 22-23 at Hillcrest Shopping Center. Doug Miller has the mumps. Next meeting will be July 3 at the Sue Prodehl has been taking Marshall Donaldson home, 805 flying lessons and received her Clement St. student pilot license and is now Sunday School 9:30 a.m. working for her Private (sic) Morning Worship 10:30 a.m. license. She made her solo Evening Service 7 p.m. flight last Sunday. Wednesday Bible study and prayer Turn in your Pepsi caps to Lou Meeting 7 p.m. Prodehl. VILLAGE NEWS A lot of residents have been seen At the meeting on Tuesday evening taking the bus to the Billy Graham (Cont’d) Crusade. The teenagers left before FIRE DEPARTMENT AUXILIARY noon today to take in the sights of The Women will be calling for donations Chicago before the meeting tonight. for the Homecoming Picnic. Beat them GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH to the call and call them. They are Jo Sunday School at 9:45 a.m. Wagner 725-2705 Pat Barnes 725-2316 Children’s (sic) Church and and Jackie Muentnich 725-2719 Morning Worship at 10:45 a.m. The pies and cakes donated do mean a The message will be given by lot to the Fire Department from the Rev. Fernlund entitled (sic) cake walk proceeds. “A Father’s Responsibility”. Expert Tune-Up Troy Garage (handwritten) The buses leave the church at Geo. Hendrickson, Owner 12:30 p.m. for Chicago and SERVICE SUN EQUIPMENT Billy Graham, Sunday. (cont’d) GET M 2 P G with Standard AT HANK FATLAND’S STANDARD SERVICE 725-9834 SPECIAL At Keet’s Grocery All Day SATURDAY AND SUNDAY PEPSI 12 OZ. – 6 PACK 39 CENTS PLUS DEP. KEET’S GROCERY 725-2957 (illegible) VILLAGE NEWS CONT’D June 16-22, 1962 Jim Keers made the report that a Page 3 vet will inoculate the village dogs TROY HOMECOMING Sponsored for $4. a piece. The village will By The TROY TOWNSHIP VOLUNTEER give each a village dog tag free FIRE DEPARTMENT. June 24, 1962 of charge for each getting the shot. 10 a.m. til ??????? At the grounds of the To approximate the number to be Troy Sportsmen. The Ladies Auxiliary “shot”, give your name to Bertha Will be in charge of the FOOD. Menu Hofer. The treasurer’s (sic) report Consists of Sandwiches, Roast Beef, was as follows, a total of $80.50 Beef Bar-B-Q Ham, Hot Dogs, was received and $58.24 was spent, Homemade pies, Cakes, Potato Salad, leaving a balance of $1785.85 Bakes Beans, etc. Trap shoot will begin The bills included $32 to Hank At 11, a.m. There will be Dart boards, Bauer for road grading, $5.85 Fish ponds, Children’s (sic) races, telephone bill. Herb Renwick And plenty of refreshments. The was present from the state to Drawing for which only 500 tickets explain the details of the Motor Were sold include, $150. first prize, Fuel Tax Fund for the village. $75. second, and $25. third prize. The amount allotted to Shorewood Ticket committee consists of Jim is $7945.14 thus far. It can be Keers, Paul Barnes, Bill Kobe. Spent maintenance (sic) of the roads, Tickets available from any fireman. But first an engineer must make the EUCHRE MONDAY 8 p.m. initial survey of the work to be done, GAMES THURSDAY 8 p.m. after which the plans are submitted Troy A.C. Club 725-9863 (handwritten) to Elgin for approval. After which FASHION SHOW JUNE 30, 8 p.m. the funds will be released for the South Edge of Shorewood Rt 59 work. Weeds in the vacant lots will Kelley (handwritten) CITIES begin in the village. Mr. Donald SERVICE 725-9707 Johnson of Oakwood Manor was Given approval on final plans for Unit #1. The check of persons who Have refused to buy their vehicle Tags will begin this week. Four new home permits were issued (sic) this past week. Three are for Brook Forest Annex, and one for Sunset Hills. The Will Co. Health Department Has been checking the non-working Septic tanks in the village. (sic) BIRTHDAYS Ann Terlep June 16 (?) Scott Randall Goebel June 13 (2) He is the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Love. Jackie Muentnich June 5 (?) Joann Looper June 2 (8) 725-2973 GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH June 16-22, 1962 CONT’D Page 4 Young Teens will meet on Friday at Mrs. Robert Prodehl and Mrs. Howard 6:30 p.m. at the church, while the Mean wish to thank everyone that Crusader Hi-Teens will have their Participated in the drive for the Pepsi meeting on Saturdays at 7:30 Caps, for the Mental Retarded Children’s TROY A.C. AUXILIARY School. There were about 6000 caps SUN FUN FASHIONS Turned in. The drive has been extended JUNE 30, 1962 8 P.M. POOLSIDE Indefinitely, so please continue to save STYLE SHOW DANCING Them. Some of the people who were PRIZES SNACKS Greatly responsible for the success of Tickets obtainable (sic) at Joliet The drive are Mrs. John Downey, Mrs. Floral and Rialto (sic) Cleaners from Matthew Ramutta, of Rooney Heights any club member or at the door. And Mrs. John Polley, Lil Simpson, Admission $1 Children 25 cents Hank Fatland, Leah Clark, and Lyman’s Treasure Island Drugs HO-22711 Café, Ann Terlep, Mrs. Alice Earls, Francis C. Moss R. Ph. MaryAnn Rub, Jackie Muentnich, N.W. CORNER US. 66 U.S. S. 6 Helen Hess, Lorena Rusk, and Steve SHOREWOOD SENTINEL Vertin. Also the Mead family and PRINTED EACH SATURDAY The Prodehl family. If you have any AFTERNOON PRICE 10 CENTS Caps to turn in, call Meads 725-2710 AT THE DOOR NEWSBOYS: Or Prodehl’s at 725-1683. JOHN BLASER ARE YOU HAVING TROUBLE WITH RICK BLASER THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT??? BILL BLASER, JR. SEPTIC TANKS CESSPOOLS AND EDITOR: ARLENED BLASER CISTERNS CLEANED REPORTERS: ANYONE WHO 25 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE HAS NEWS…. Anderson’s Septic Tank Service (handwritten) BUD ANDERSON PHONE RT 3 SA 7-3485 U.S. 6 JOLIET HO-2 5944 Crombie’s Dariy Mart Special Lemon Twist Ice Cream – ½ gal 79 cents (handwritten) WE HAVE ALL YOUR PICNIC NEEDS OPEN DAILY 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. 725-2564 The Shorewood Sentinel (handwritten) 725-2973 (sic) June 23-29, 1962 Vol. 2 No. 26 Summer – ’62 (handwritten) Summer came a couple of days ago with a “normal” temperature of 72*. As some say --- as summer comes in – so the season will be. Others suggest that we had a long winter, therefore, we will have a short summer. Or—we had a cold wet winter—we will have a hot dry summer. Others yet say—Spring came early with a terrific heat wave (sic) – so we will have a terribly hot, unbearable summer. I heard one lady say, the difference in summer and winter is (sic), in winter you can stay indoors and put on more clothes, but during the heat of summer, there is a limit to how much you can take off. If a person had the money, ambition or what-have-you, you could live in (sic) the winter in Florida, and the summers in northern Canada. OR stay entirely in the house and turn the air- conditioning on. Of course, you cannot please everyone all the time, no matter where you live. So whether it is hot and dry, cool and wet, short and long, it’s here, so are we—so grin and bear it, if you can. Winter will come soon and then we can complain of the cold, and hope summer will be along soon. THOUGHT OF THE WEEK IF THE HEAT MAKES TEMPERS SHORT---AND YOU WISH TO GIVE A PERSON A PIECE OF YOUR MIND, --- BE SURE YOU HAVE IT TO SPARE…………….. GO TO THE HOMECOMING SUNDAY GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH AT THE SPORTSMEN GROUNDS… Special meetings will be held at The church, Sunday through Friday. The time is 7 to 8 p.m. Speaker will be John Marrs a ventriloquist. He will bring with him his “Pal Charlie” and gospel magic, to illustrate his messages. All young people of the area are welcome to attend. Sunday school will be at 9:45 a.m. Morning worship at 10:45 a.m. where Pastor Fernlund’s message will be “Crusade Echoes.” 725-2973 SHOREWOOD CHURCH OF GOD June 23-29, 1962 Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Page 2 Morning Worship 10:30 a.m. LITTLE LEAGUE Sunday Evening Worship 7 p.m. In Little League play Tuesday, the Wednesday evening Bible study and Bombers beat the Astronauts by a Prayer service 7 p.m. score of 13 to 10. In the game Thursday Rev. Arthur Miller, Pastor. the Astronauts won over the Crombie’s Dairy Mart Special Missiles 17-10. The second game (handwritten) the Comets and the Bombers played to 8 – 16 oz. PEPSI COLA 59 cents a tie game of 16-16. The game of June 8 plus dep. 3 Dozen SMALL EGGS was called because of rain. In the game $1.00 STORE HOURS 8 a.m. to of June 6, the Cardinals 1, the Cubs 14. 9 p.m. DAILY The Bombers are the boys in red shirts Northeast (sic) Corner Rt. 59 and 52 and the Astronauts are in blue shirts. Cities Service 725-9707 FIRE DEPARTMENT Kelley’s Cities Service (handwritten) Only one fire call was made the past SEPTIC TANKS CISTERNS week. At 9 p.m. on June 19, there CESSPOOLS CLEANED was a grass fire near the grain elevator ANDERSON’S SEPTIC TANK at Birds Bridge. SERVICE (handwritten) CISTERNS DON’T FORGET THE HOMECOMING CLEANED REPAIRED AND AT THE SPORTSMEN GROUNDS GUARANTEED BUD TOMORROW……. ANDERSON HO-25944 BIRTHDAYS RT US6 RT. 3 Joliet SA-73485 Timothy Barry June 23 (10) 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE Ricky Vanderhoof June 30 (15) (handwritten) DEATHS Mr. Thomas Crownover of West Shorewood Drive died this past week at his home. He is survived by his wife Agnes, and a son Thomas, Jr. Rt. 52 Next To The Fire Station SERVICE SUN EQUIPMENT TROY GARAGE 725-2038 725-2038 725-2973 ILLNESSES AND ACCIDENTS June 23-29, 1962 Jeanne Wynn has been in the hos- Page 3 pital for blood poisoning in her leg. TROY A.C. CLUB SUN-FUN-FASHIONS Tom Hess was treated at the hospital The Troy A.C. Club auxiliary will hold Wednesday evening, for a 24 stitch its (sic) fashion (sic) show Saturday slash on his right hand, when he cut evening, June 30 at 8 pm. Fashions to be it on a saw. The accident happened shown are from the Boston Store of Joliet. In the TV workshop of Chriss (sic) The models who will be wearing them Blaser. When he fell out of a tree are: Cheryl Schmidt, Marlene Chovan, onto some broken glass Wednesday, Louise De Grace, Ciss Schmidt, Margo Russell Wolfe, suffered a five stitch Lanson, Joann Quas, Judy Stanley, Ginger cut on his hand and was treated at Erickson, Carol Giampaolo, Marge Bruno, the hospital. Sally Donnelly, and Barbara Makar. The 4-H JOLLY GIRLS men who will be seen in the fashion show At the regular meeting of the Jolly include: Tom Kowalski, Gene Williamson Girls, held at the school on June 14, and John Hirschfield. The children’s the following talks were given, Judy fashions will be worn by Terri Donnelly, Baltz on the American Flag and Dan Williams, Billie Schmidt, and George Knitting while Sheila (sic) Johnson Muentnich. Dancing will be enjoyed after and Dianne Dibble talked about the show to the music of Joe Mosele’s Embroidery. Peggy Waite gave a Orchestra at 9 pm. Committees for the talk on Threads and Lynn Booker affair include Sally Donnelly, chairman, on Babysitting. Lorraine Foley and Betty Stanley co-chairman, Phyllis Ronehetti Lynn Ann Bell gave a demonstration as commentator (sic) Publicity is in the hands on Drop Biscuits and Chocolate of Sharon Bennington, and Dorothy Flagg, Drop Cookies was the one given while the tickets are being handled by by Ann Gerber. Others include Dorothy Flagg. Cinnamon (sic) Rolls by Hanscna TROY A.C. (handwritten) Von Borgen, and Cornbread by SOUTH EDGE OF SHOREWOOD ON Kathy Kirby. Mary Ruth Worth RT. 59 demonstrated on Salads. The SUN – FUN – FASHIONS JUNE 30 – next meeting will be Wednesday, 8-PM. at 2 pm. at the school. EUCHRE --- MONDAY 8 p.m. GAMES YOUNG MOTHER’S CLUB THURSDAY 8 p.m. 725-9863 The club will meet in the home of HANK FATLAND’S STANDARD SERVICE Mrs. Fred Rub, Wednesday. STANDARD 725-9834 VILLAGE MEETING TUESDAY M2PG-----M2PG-----M2PG----M2PG 8 p.m. CONTINUALLY (sic) FRESH MEDICINES HO-2-2711 Treasure Island Drugs (handwritten) Francis Moss R. Ph. U.S. 66 AT U.S. 6 The Shorewood Sentinel (handwritten) 725-2973 June 30 – July 6, 1962 (illegible) No. 1 Do you have windows that need washing? A car to clean? A yard to mow? Maybe you have a babysitting job. If so, there are a lot of teenage boys and girls who are looking for such things. They need something to do with their time. They also have the need for the feel of two nickels rubbing against each other. These they could use for swimming or maybe and ice cream bar. There are a few that I know off-hand, and anyone who has the Jobs for Teenagers, may call this paper. We will run a list each week of the jobs that are available and the names of the boys and girls who are willing to do them. There will be no charge for any job for teenagers listed in this paper. So if you are looking for a boy to cut grass, wash your car, wash your windows, or a girl who will babysit while you go to town, or something give us a call. If you are a teenager and want one of these jobs get in touch with us this week. Boys available this week: Girls available this week: Thomas Hess Help us fill this space… Ricky Vanderhoof William Blaser, Jr. Who can you add???? LITTLE LEAGUE PLAY VILLAGE NEWS THIS WEEK The Veterinarian (sic) has been contacted Monday the 25 of June the rabies shots for dogs, and the date Yankees 11 Cardinals 4 is next Saturday. The time is 11 to 1 pm. Friday the 29 of June All residents of the area may bring their Cardinals 23 Braves 7 dogs to be inoculated, and any Shorewood Only one game will be played resident who brings their dog for them will this week. July 6 the Cubs be given a Shorewood dog tag free of any will take on the Cardinals. charge. It was voted that Mr. R.H. The farm teams played on Underhill will be retained to do June 28 and the Rockets won Preliminary Maintenance Engineering the game from the Astronauts for the village, in order that the Motor 11 to 8 Cont’d Fuel Tax funds may be (cont’d) 725-2973 June 30 – July 6, 1962 Page 2 VILLAGE NEWS CONT’D FIRE DEPARTMENT NEWS Released for the repair of the streets. The Troy Twp. Vol. Fire Department as was stated only those ones wish to thank all the people who designated as arterial streets may were responsible for the success of benefit by the use of funds, the the Homecoming last Sunday. board passed a resolution (sic) and We will name some of them and if forwarded to the State Department we overlook any we thank you also. asking that four additional streets The Shorewood Merchants, The be named. The are: Picnic, Grove, Ladies who donated food, the Bass and Trout. (illegible) the ones Sentinel for the publicity, the Troy named were: West and East Shore Sportsmen for the use of the Dr. Meyers, Dupage, Summer and grounds, and the Firemen. Turtle streets. If the resolution (sic) Two calls were answered this is passed then plans will be made to past week by the firemen. On Motor Fuel Tax Money which to Sunday, the top of a dead oak date totals $7,945.14. Five permits tree was ablaze, believed to have were issued by Mr. Lumoly. One started by lightning. The tree was for a pump house, one for a home sprayed, and the fire went out on in Oakwood Manor and three homes Tuesday. On June 28 a fire on a in Brook Forest Annex. The present six wheeler truck was extinguished balance in the village treasury $1,758.40. on Rt. 66 and 80. No (sic) damage The receipts at the previous meeting was estimated and the owner $61. and disbursements $88.45. A unknown. The tires were on fire. check was presented at the meeting LITTLE LEAGUE CONT’D from the county treasurer’s office David Ewing was hit by a line in the amount of $327.32, which is drive and the wind knocked out Shorewood’s Road and Bridge Tax. of him. Also hit by a pitched No bills were presented for payment ball, in the back was Paul Ewing. at this meeting. NEWS IN SHORT SERVICE SUN EQUIPMENT Marilyn Gaebler is back from the TROY GARAGE Mayo Clinic, and will be happy to SATISFACTION GUARANTEED see any and all friends at her PHONE 725-2038 home. Being unable to get around, GEORGE HENDRICKSON..OWNER it would be best to call before PLANNING A PICNIC? SEE US dropping in. “Thanks for the cards FIRST WE HAVE ALL YOUR etc.” Mr. Laverne Earls has had NEEDS! CROMBIE’S DAIRY his minnow bucket liner taken MART 725-2564 OPEN twice lately and wishes to say that 8 AM – 9 PM. whoever (illegible) taken the parts, may have the rest by asking for it. Good Luck. Mrs. Vince Creed has left for a Florida vacation. The fashion show Will be shown at the Troy A.C. Club Tonight, Saturday, at 8 p.m. The school board has decided that Not enough room exists. That a Kindergarten can not be started this Year at Troy School. The Grace Baptist Church held their annual Sunday School picnic at Hammal Woods today. Tom is safe….. 725-2973 YOUNG MOTHER’S CLUB June 30 – July 6, 1962 The June meeting was held in the Page 3 home of Mary Ann Rub, Wednesday GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH evening. Among the various topics SUNDAY – The Subject of Pastor discussed were the plans for a picnic Fernlund’s message for the 10:45 a.m. to be held July 7 at the Dixon Service will be “Freedom of Soul”. Residence. Joan Smothers was This will be preceded (sic) by Sunday welcomed as a new member. Those School at 9:45 a.m. The evening service present to welcome her were Jayne at 7:30 p.m. will feature a color film Clair, Ginny Dixon, Jackie Muent- strip entitled (sic) “Naa,am, the leper”. nich, Jo Wagner and LeAnne The message for this service will be McKanna. Games were played “Eishmann’s Last Day”. And all present won a prize. Several MONDAY – Services will be held (sic) members received a gift from Secret at the Morning Star Mission at 7 pm. Pals. Dessert-coffee was served by THURSDAY – Weekly prayer service the hostess. Unable to attend were at 7:30 pm. (illegible) Keers and Jackie Foloy, SATURDAY – The Hi-Teens will hold who has been vacationing in a splash party at the swimming pool at Connecticut (sic). Jackie Foley Inwood Park. Time – 6-9 pm. will be the hostess for July when SHOREWOOD CHURCH OF GOD the club meets at her home. Sunday School 9:30 am. Morning Worship 10:30 am. (all text following is handwritten) Evening Worship 7 pm. Kelley’s Cities Service Get The Wednesday evening Bible study and “Big Gallon” Prayer meeting 7 pm. Treasure Island Drugs Services held (sic) in the Troy School. DON’T BURN IN THE HOT SUN... (all remaining text in column is SEE US FOR SUN TAN LOTIONS handwritten) ALSO SUNDRIES AND A Ironings Wanted! Jeanne Wynn LAUNDRAMAT GROCERIES 725-2875 Francis C. Moss R. Ph. (on Duty) Reasonable Rates HO-2-2711 Troy A.C.’s “Fashion Show at Poolside” Today – June 30 8 P.M. 725-2973 If your child will attend camp this June 30 – July 6, 1962 summer? Here is a typical letter to Page 4 keep in mind. THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK Dear Dad; MENTAL SLAVERY Gue$$ what I need mo$t? That’$ There is a form of enforced (sic) right. $end it $oon. Be$t Wi$hes. servitude more abject and humiliating (sic) Your $on. than that under which so many human Dear Son, beings were once held in which we NOthing ever happens here. We call, even then “free America”. It kNOw you like camp. Write is slavery (sic) to an idea—to an aNOther letter soon. Now I have unreasonable phobia or weakness. to say good-bye. Dad…. The average man, no matter how Your car will run better with strong in his general characteristics, Standard is a veritable slave to the impression HANK FATLAND’S STANDARD that in facing the ordinary mental SERVICE PHONE 725-9834 habit or physical all (illegible) SEPTIC TANKS CISTERNS to the human species, he is essentially CESSPOOLS CLEANED powerless. If you but realize that the Anderson’s Septic Tank Service best way to ensure (sic) future health, (handwritten) happiness and success, and build up a 25 Years Experience protective influence against future BUD ANDERSON HO-2 2711 disaster is through (sic) your developing RT 3 US 6 Sa-7-3485 mental and physical strength and WE NEED YOUR NEWS TODAY resistance; setting about making yourself 725-2973 mentally and physically fit; you would The Shorewood Sentinel (written) spare yourself many unhappy moments, and to a very great extent ward off disease which require fertile soil for their growth. For a thousand years scientists have been groping about in search for various cures, without any marked degree of success. How much better it would be were we taught how to avoid those troubles, in place of waiting until they appear and then searching for a way to eradicate the trouble. Truly, “An Ounce of Prevention IS Worth A Pound Of Cure.”