The Shorewood Sentinel (handwritten) 725-2973 April 7-13, 1962 Vol. 2 No. 16 EDITORIAL A. Blaser WE HAVE A DUTY! (handwritten) With two elections coming this week, it is the duty of every American citizen to go to the polls and cast their vote for the candidate of their choice. Too many persons do not “take the time” to vote and then gripes because the “wrong” person is doing the job all wrong, and if their favorite had “gotten” in everything would be just fine. But did they help get “their man” into office? Did they take that few minutes to go vote? NO. But these same people are always the ones who holler the loudest when things go awry. A lot of voters do not always vote in a primary, this writer included, because they and I see no reason why we should have to declare our party. Afterall,(sic) they id put curtains on the voting booths, so that we may vote in privacy. There are right and wrong people on both ballots, but you must vote a straight ticket, so you will have to wait until November to “cross vote” the ballot. So what ever (sic) your party choice, get out and vote in the Primary on Tuesday, April 10, and the School Elections on Saturday April 14. Both elections will be held at the Fire Station. Times that the polls will be open are Tuesday 6 am.(sic) to 6 am.(sic) end on Saturday 7 am.(sic) to 7 pm. SEE YOU AT THE POLLS BOWLING NEWS GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH Fatland’s Team won one game from Regular meetings and services for Bill Jacob’s. Al Ryan 454, Ginger Sunday. Erickson 388, Leah Clark 379, Irene Morning Worship --10:45 a.m. Mulligan 324, Helen Ray 410. Al Sunday School -- 9:45 a.m. picked up the 3-7-9 split. College age group -- 6;30 p.m. Orchid Beauty Salon won three games A film from Billy Graham will be From French’s. Sally Briskin 486, Bernice the feature of the evening Sunday, Malik 502, Jackie Muentnich 376, Marion and will feature the highlights of Crabbe 411, Evelyn Heckett 381. the Billy Graham campaigns through Village Meeting for Tuesday night has out(sic) the world, in such places as been cancelled, because of the counting the croud(sic) of 100,000 persons of ballots of the election. who heard the word at the Branden- CANCER DRIVE berg G**te(sic) in West Berlin. Mrs. Bertha Hofer has been named Crusades in England, Scotland, Asia, Chairman of the Cancer Drive which Australia, Africa, The will be held during the month of April. Carrebean(sic), and the Islands of the Her co-chairman are Phyllis Schwartz Seas. The film “Decade of and Betts Barry. Decision” is narrated by Dave Mrs. Hattie Brookman, Rt. 3, Mound Garroway and runs seventy- five Rd. left to visit her daughter in Southern minutes. The public is invited. California. She says they are even going Rev. J.C. Fernlund, Pastor to Disneyland. Phone 725-2858 Fred Gaebler is teaching a class for I.B.M. BASEBALL LEAGUE at Northern Illinois University at Dekalb, Registration for the baseball on Thursday evenings. League of Troy will be held at the school on April 14, from 1-3 p.m. All boys, and parents of boys between the ages of 8-12 are asked to attend. Saturday, April 14 – 1-3 pm.(sic) Troy School. 725-2973 CUB SCOUT NEWS April 7-13, 1962 Do you have a boy between the ages Page 2 of 8 and 11 years of age? We are DEATHS looking for them. The slogan Edgar Puhl 150 Picnic St. (81)Survived by as most of you know is “a boy in his wife, Zenia, two sons, Paul and George. Scouting, is a boy out of trouble.” Last Sunday, people of our village lost a dear We know there are a good number of friend, especially two little boys, named Paul these boys and would like to have and John.(sic) Although he had lost his them in scouting. All boys who are eyesight, Mr. Puhl never lost his faith in interested are asked to call Mr. Frank People. He liked children and whenever the Talarico at HO-25441. weather was nice and warm, or when he was VILLAGE MEETING FOR feeling good, he could be found at the picnic TUESDAY HAS BEEN table in his yard, surrounded by the youngsters CANCELLED. of the neighborhood. Children loved Mr. Puhl, Where is your news to fill in this and I believe he was a second grandfather space? 725-2973 (handwritten) to all who knew him, young and not so young Crombie’s Dairy Mart phone alike. I’m sure we will all miss him as much 725-2564 (handwritten) as his dear close family. Last Sunday, Mr. HAVE YOU FILED YOUR TAX Puhl left our neighborhood. He will be greatly REPORT YET? THE TIME IS missed by all who knew him. It could be said CLOSER THAN YOU THIN(sic) that the Golden Rule was his philosophy of life. INCOME TAX SERVICE He knew no strangers or enemies. He (handwritten) Phone 725-1236 counseled and entertained the children who George C. Gornick played around the picnic table where he sat Deadline – April 15. (handwritten) in the summertime. He extended hospitality and supplied community knowledge and help to the adults. And through all the years of failing health and eyesight his personality continued to shine. There will be an empty chair and coffee cup in our midst, but a vivid memory of a wonderfully kind and good neighbor will remain. Bon Voyage, Ed! The Ray Graham Family Alta Vie Elliot died Tuesday at the age of 74. She is the mother of Mrs. Ray (Moursen) Seil. Funeral was Friday from the O’Neil Funeral Home and burial was in Woodlawn Cemetery. (Cont’d Page 3) Treasure Island Drugs (handwritten) MEDICINE IS OUR BUSINESS PHONE HO-2-2711 U.S. 6 Rt 3 Joliet, Ill 725-2973 DEATHS (cont’d) April 7-13, 1962 Mrs. Harold Dirst, 43, of Troy Page 3 Township, died at Rochester, Minn. SCHOOL NEWS Thursday. She is survived by her P.T.O. and Spring Concert will husband Harold, three sons, Richard, be held on Tuesday, April 10 in Fred, and Gordon; her mother and they gym. The School Board stepfather Anna and Chris election will be held at the fire Williamson. Two sisters Mrs. station on April 14. The polls Charles Greenback, and Mrs. will be open for 7 a.m. to 7 pm.(sic) and Mrs. Clarence Gullickson. Two Mrs. Long is attending the Illinois half-sisters. Mrs. James Skocy, and Association of School Librarians Mrs. Robert Skocy, and a half- at Peoria, Illinois. The sessions brother, Robert Williamson. Funeral will run through today. The purpose will be Monday from the Minooka is to better the organization and Methodist Church at 2 pm. Burial programming of school libraries. will be in the Woodlawn Cemetery. The students who represented Troy BIRTHS School are to be congratulated for Mr. and Mrs. James Dean Clair 90 the splendid showing they displayed Summer Street are the parents of a in the recent Spelling Bee. The P.T.O. daughter born April 14. She will be is still collecting those Hills Bros. Named Jayne Irene, and weighed in Coffee bands (sic) and labels. So at 9 lbs. and 10 oz. send them to school with your child. BIRTHDAYS Prizes have be (sic) received for the Dorothy Fatland April 6. (?) raffle to be held a the Talent Show John Blaser April 2 (9) on April 28. The prizes are, Tess Floyd April 12. 1st - Basket of groceries valued at $25., ANNIVERSARIES 2nd - $15 grocery certificate, 3rd- Fred and Marilyn Gaebler April 5. Electric clock, and 4th- A doll and (15) Dave and Betts Barry March wardrobe. Raffle tickets are 31. (11) available from any student at the OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK cost of 25 cents each or 5 for $1. Home Cooked Meals Rehearsal will be held on Friday, Lyman’s Café N.W. CORNER April 13 at 7 pm. US.(sic) 52 And ILL. 59 NOTICE A meeting for all parents, SHOREWOOD who are interested in the formation of a kindergarten at Troy School, will be held April 12, 1962 at 7:30pm.(sic) in the community room of the Louis Joliet Bank. For further information call the Following numbers. Mrs. Robert Morman 725-1889 Mrs. Dennis 725-2778 and/or Mrs. Denton 725-1551 HANK FATLAND STANDARD SERVICE (illustration of an Olympic torch) you (sic) expect more from (handwritten) Standard (handwritten) and you get it! (handwritten) Phone 725-9834 725-2973 FIRE DEPARTMENT AUXILIARY April 7-13, 1962 (sic) The committee for the anual Page 4 (sic) banquet of the Woman’s (sic) SCHOOL BOARD CANDIDATES Fire Auxiliary to be held in June Howard Moad(sic) – Brook Forest have been chosen. They are: Jo Robert Glass – Murphy Acres Wagner, Jackie Muentnich, Pat Donald Larson – Leland Hills Barnes, and Betts Barry. Members John Phelps – R.R. Joliet may bring guests. There were two Clyde Bankson – Rt. 1 Joliet guests at the regular monthly Charles Ewin – Brook Forest meeting held Monday evening. Robert Alltop – Leland Hills They were Mrs. Edith Rose and Arlene Blaser – Shorewood Mrs. Edith Ray. Hostesses for the Be sure to vote on April 14, 1962. next meeting are Delores Keers, Also election for board members of Eileen Paul, and Donna Sheridan. your High School District, same THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK day. Polls Open 7 A.M. to 7 P.M. A FATHER’S WORK IS SUN At the Fire Station. TO SUN, BUT A MOTHER’S George Hendrickson owner WORK IS SON TO SON. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED VILLAGE NEWS Police car-- (hand printed) AT THE (hand printed) 1957 Ford 4 Dr. Blue and White Troy Garage (handwritten) NEXT TO Price $600.00 The committee met THE FIRE STATION ON RT. 52 and agreed as to it’s(sic) purchase TELEPHONE 725-(sic) and it will be in service in a week Euchre – Monday – 8 PM. (handwritten or two. and hand printed) Games – Thursday – Kelley’s (handwritten) CITIES 8 PM. (hand printed) SERVICE At the Green and White Troy A.C. Club (handwritten) Sign Fish Fry Friday Eve. (handwritten) Phone 725-9863 The Shorewood Sentinel (handwritten) 725-2973 April 14-20, 1962 Vol. 2. No. 17 Get Out And Vote! (handwritten) Today is April 14. The schools now asks you for your opinion, and put your choice on your school boards. Today Troy School District and the Joliet Township High School District have given you a wide selection for you to choose from. We list them here. Troy School Joliet Township High School Robert Alltop – Leland Hills W. Howard Lloyd Robert Glass -- Murphy Acres Dr. Suren M. Saron (sic) Donald Larson – Leland Hills Richard Jackinowski Charles Ewing –- Brook Forest Neal Leach Irene (sic) Blaser – Shorewood Peter Fazio Howard Mead -- Brook Forest John Phelps – Rt. 1 Clyde Bankson – Rt. 1 We all wait for your vote. So get out and do your part as an American citizen and vote!! THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK TALENT SHOW THE THOUGHT OF THE WIFE Tickets are now being sold for GOING HOME TO MOTHER the talent show to be held on April WOULD NOT BE SO BAD IF 28. Curtain time is set for 7:45 pm. SHE DIDN’T BRING MOTHER This year’s show is intitled (sic), BACK WITH HER. S.E.P. “Tons of Talent”. Have you purchased your raffle tickets yet? At the meeting Thursday evening at the They are available from any student Louis Joliet Bank, it was decided to send of the school. The price for raffle out questionnaires(sic) to all parents in the tickets is 25 cents each or 5/$1. The school district to determine the number of price for the show tickets is $1.(sic) children that are 3-4-5 years old. This will for adults, and 25 cents for any be done during the coming weeks, and will student, and may be purchased from act as the ground work for the Kindergarten any cast member or at the office that is being planned for Troy School. A b (sic) the night of the show. They report will be made at the next regular board will also be available at the door. meeting of the school. For further inform- ation call the following numbers: Mrs. Robert Moorman, 725-1889, Mrs. Dennis, 725-2778, or Mrs. Denton 725-1551. 725-2973 BASEBALL LEAGUE April 14-20, 1962 Registration for the up-coming Page 2 baseball season will be held today, CANCER DRIVE April 14, at the school from 1-3 pm. Workers have been named for the All boys between the ages of 8 and Cancer March. They include: 12 years old are asked to come with Chairman – Mrs. Fred Hofer their parents and register. Co-Chairman – Mrs. Robert Schwartz, REMEMBER and Mrs. Dave Barry. (All remaining text of the newsletter Leland Hills – Mrs. Ray Huber, and Mrs. was handwritten) Donald Larson. “Tons of Talent” April 28, 1962 McClintock Acres – Mrs. Wayne E. Binkley. 7:45 P.M. To Vote! The Cancer Rooney Heights – Mrs. Matthew Ramutta, Drive Get Your Raffle tickets 25 Mrs. Robert Stuehn, Mrs. Wm. Gozednik. cents or 5/$1. Go to Church! Murphy Acres -- Mrs. Dale Martincich Also Remember --- Our Numbers! and Mrs. Joseph Viscun. 725-2973 Timberlins – Mrs. Alfred Menzer. Treloar court – Mrs. Robert Prodehl and Mrs. James Looper. Black Road – Mrs. John Phelps River Road – West – Mrs. George Koers (sic). Siel Road – Mrs. Wm. Blaser Brock Forest -- Mrs. Eugene Diamond. Bankson Trailer Ct – Mrs. Fred Bowen. Shorewood – West – Mrs. Robert Schwartz, Mrs. Edward Terlep (sic), Mrs. Kerry Sheridan, and Mrs. Nello Isabelli. Shorewood – East – Mrs. Dave Barry, and Mrs. Henry Bauer. School Road – Mrs. George Muentnich Shorewood Park – Mrs. Kenneth Rice. All remaining acres – Mrs. Henry Fatland, and Mrs. Fred Hofer. EXTRA THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK Forgive any mistakes we have made – We do have two brains --- BUT One is Lost --- And the other is out looking for it. Editor… 725-2973 BOWLING SCORES April 14-20, 1962 Orchid Beauty Salon won one game Page 3 (sic) from Herbert’s Plumbing. SCHOOL NEWS Jackie Muentnich 334 Registration for First Grade will be Marion Crabbe 348 Held on May 16, from 9 am. (sic) to Sally Biskin (sic) 489 1 pm. (sic) All children who will be Evelyn Hackett 329 six years of age before December 1 Bernice Malik 484 should register at this time. Wednesday Fatland’s team won two games from afternoon the teachers will attend the Bill Jacob’s. book exhibit, for the purpose of Al Ryan 426 selecting books to be added to the Helen Ray 438 Library. There will be NO school Ginger Erickson 363 on Friday, April 20 and Monday Irene Mulligan and Leah Clark April 23. Board meeting will be held on were absent. Monday at 8 pm. instead of Friday, which BIRTHDAYS is a holiday. This will include the seating Correction The name of Tess Voight of the new members and the reorganization was incorrectly stated last week. of the board. Mrs. Bacon has announced Tess Voight April 12. that the incoming class of freshmen from Stanley Smith April 18 (6) Troy School has rated second from the top, Lyman’s Café Open Seven Days compared to the same distance from the a Week (handwritten) bottom a few years ago. He pointed out ILL. BEST FOOD IN TOWN!!! staff and the students efforts. Next year Crombie’s Dairy Mart (handwritten) we should try to make our students A- SPECIAL Make a $1. purchase or No. 1. more (sic) and sign your name and P.T.O. Meeting address on the register receipt and At the meeting, held Tuesday, about 150 deposit in (sic) You may win a 3 lb. parents and friends were present to hear canned ham. Drawing will be made the music department give their annual on April 21. (cont’d) ALL STAR OLEO Reg. 32 cents You Expect More From now 23 cents BANQUET T.V. Standard (handwritten on top DINNERS 45 cents ALL 22 of an illustration of an Olympic torch.) cent BREAD now 3/48 cents And You Get it! 725-2564 (hand printed) HANK FATLAND STANDARD SERVICE 725-9834 GEORGE HENDRICKSON SAYS – Have you had your Spring Tune Up? Get (sic) It today (handwritten) – at TROY GARAGE (hand printed) Telephone 725-2038 NEXT TO THE FIRE STATION ON RT. 52. 725-2973 SCHOOL NEWS Cont’d April 14-23, 1962 Spring Concert. The band played Page 4 (sic) four groups of tunes. Solos were GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH done very well by Christine Corum, Palm Sunday, April 15. Sermon Topic- Nancy Meyer, and Randy Kraker. “Hosanna Day”, at 10:45 am. Evening Christine and Nancy each played the services, a colored film strip for the young flute, while Randy played his children will be shown while the topic for saxophone. The Mixed Chorus, the sermon will be “What is Saving Face” Boys and Girls Chorus sang a (sic) At 8:45 pm. the people of the church selection of songs while the join the Christian Youth Center Singspiration audience joined in on a few of at the Judson Baptist Church on Midland Ave. them. The P.T.O. is still collecting GOOD FRIDAY SERVICES the bands from Hills Bros. coffee The church will participate in the Good cans and labels from the jars of Hills Friday meetings at the Rialto Theater Bros. Instant coffee. If you have any Between 12 and 3 pm. Pastor Fernlund turn them in at the school or send will speak at one of the services. 7:30 pm. them with any student. Nominations at the church the service will include a and selection of officers was held for crucifixion film strip, and songs by the the coming yea (sic) Those selected choir. The message will be given by the include: Clada Monze (sic) pastor. No club Meetings on Friday. All President, Mary Lou Prosiac, Vice- others will remain the same. There will be President, Evelyn Phelps, Secretary, a sunrise service next Sunday at 7 am. and Marge Dibble Treasurer. All Followed by an Easter breakfast and the will be installed at next month’s Morning services. Rev. J.C. Fernlund, meeting. Anyone wishing to serve Paster 725-2858 as a room mother for the next school Kelley’s Cities Service Super 5-0 (sic) year is asked to contact Mrs. Prosiac CITIES SERVICE at HO-2-4124. Books are still Medicine Is Our Business wanted for the library. Do you have Treasure Island Drugs (all handwritten) any suitable? Francis C. Moss R. Ph. Games – Thursday – 8 P.M. U.S. 66 at U.S. 6 Rt. 3 Joliet. Fish Fry Fridays HO-2-2711 Euchre – Monday – 8 P.M. TROY A.C. CLUB Phone 725-9863 DEATHS Mrs. William Farrell age (sic) died Friday. Surviving are her son Henry W. and two (sic) brothers, and two sisters. Funeral services will be Monday (sic) from Haley Funeral Home at (sic) Burial will be in Maple Hill Cemetery at Elwood. The Shorewood Sentinel (handwritten) 725-2973 April 21-27, 1962 Vol. 2 No. 17 Easter (handwritten) Easter—The first Sunday, after the first full moon, after the twenty-first day of March. How do we get this setting for our Easter? The Nicene Council, in the year A.D. 325, fixed this date for us. The earliest possible date for Easter with this figuring is March 22, and the latest is April 25, of any given year. What is the Nicene Council? Where did it get the power to set up such a rule? Well the Nicene Council was a council of the Christian Church held in Nicea, in Asia Minor. The first council was called by Emperor Constantine in 325, to settle a dispute of views concerning the Trinity. The council adapted a creed that declared that God and Christ were of the same essence and substance, and at this time set the time and date for Easter. It was questioned as to whether the Jewish Passover, and the Christian Easter should be held the same day and time and whether it should be on a Sunday. Easter is traditionally a time for spring to be officially here and when the winter apparel is put aside for the doning (sic) of the new and lighter things of spring. In most Christian Churches Easter marks the end of the Lenten season. In some Protestant churches and the Catholic churches this season (sic) is begun by a day called Ash Wednesday. Holy Week, the seven days preceeding (sic) Easter Sunday, is a time given (sic) prayer and devotion. Easter Sunday is celebrated by special music, flowers and services, in churches of all faiths. Just as spring puts on her best green, so do people put on their (sic) dress and hearld (sic) the coming of Spring. The Easter Lily is the traditional flower of Easter. Why, no one is quite sure. It has become the symbol of purity and light, and of course the cross reminds us all as to the real meaning of Easter. Easter is not the time for candy and toys for the children. It is the time of when our Lord was nailed to the Cross to die for our sins. H did not have to do this, but he knew that his Holy Father expected this of him, and this was his whole purpose of being on this earth as a flesh and blood man. Where would this world be, you and I, if Jesus had said, “I will not be nailed to the Cross?” But he stood in front of his accusers and did not even defend himself. He knew that this was his fate and expected it with all the humility of his (sic) of life. His last words to his Heavenly Father were “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do”. He, of course knew what they were doing, and never raised his voice to protest. How many of us are wrongly or rightly accused and raise a great fuss? How many of us have forgotten the true meaning of Easter, and only go to church to show off our new spring outfits? The Easter egg roll is a custom started by President Hayes in 1878 and has continued, except for the war years. Thousands of persons join in this light-hearted tradition on the White House lawn each year. In case you plan to be around in the year 2000, Easter will be on April 23. THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK NOW IS CHRIST RISEN FROM THE DEAD. 1st Corinthians 15:20 From the World’s Best Seller. 725-2973 April 21-27, 1962 Page 2 GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH EASTER VISITORS Sunrise services will be held at the The Ray Colvin Family will have as church, starting at 7.00 (sic) am. their guests at Easter dinner, Mr. Speaker for this service will be Rev. Mrs. N.A. Buker and family, of Raymond Wolfe, who is home on Springfield, Mrs. Pat Morris and son, furlough from the mission fields. Mrs. J.M. Copeland, who is Mrs. 8.15 (sic) Fellowship Breakfast, Colvin’s Mother, and Master Sgt. followed by Sunday School at 9.45 and Mrs. J. C. Copeland and son, (sic) and the Morning Worship at of Atlantic (sic) Georgia. 10.45. (sic) The message will be TROY RIDING CLUB “He is Risen”. The Campus Careers The Troy Riding Club will hold will meet at 6.30 (sic) after which the it’s (sic) meeting at the Troy A.C. Evening Gospel Service. The message Club Wednesday at 7.30 (sic) pm. for this time will be “The Road to Further plans for the coming Horse Emmeus”. Show are still being made. Date for Clubs for the week are the same. the show is May 27. Rev. J.C. Fernlund, Pastor (all the following text is handwritten) East Shore Drive – Shorewood Don’t Forget! -- Go to church 725-2858 “Tons of Talent” Saturday, 7.45. VILLAGE NEWS School Gym Meeting Tuesday at the Fire Station at Village Meeting Tuesday 8 P.M. 8 pm. Police Magistrate Joe Girard has Our Number 725-2973 moved his office to the corner next to Crombie’s Store. May we expect some police reports of the village now that the police car has been put into service????? (All following text is handwritten) OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK LYMAN’S CAFÉ “BEST FOOD IN TOWN” (all text at top of page illegible as it was miscopied in its original format, but probably reads as follows as represented in the first three lines in the left column): 725-2973 YOUNG MOTHER’S CLUB April 21-27, 1962 An Easter Egg Hunt was held for the Page 3 children of the members, Saturday, SCHOOL NEWS April 14, at Inwood Park. Prize NO SCHOOL MONDAY…… winners were Georgie Muentnich At the Board meeting Monday, held Georgie Keers. Also participating at the school, the new board members were Georgina Keers, Laurie Keers, were welcomed and seated. The Larry Wagner, Janet and Shelley committees were named and the Foley, Kathy, Linda, Tommy and following men were named to Chuckie Dixon, Freddy and Danny serve on them. Rub. The next meeting will be held Transportation – Harvey Lewis in the home of Ginny Dixon on April Finance – Don Larson and Charles 25 with (sic) Clair as Hostess. Ewing. BOWLING SCORES Building – Fred Hofer. Fatland’s team won (sic) from the Grounds – Roy Fox. Orchid Beauty Salon. Education – John Phelps. The Board Ginger Erickson (sic) 421 (sic) President serves on each committee. Phyllis Schwartz 326 The regular meeting day of the school Al Ryan 350 board has been changed from the third Irene Mulligan 358 Friday to the second Monday of each Helen Ray (sic) 431 month. Leah (sic) Clark was absent this Dennis and Jack will attend a custodian week. workshop at Ottawa High School on Orchid Beauty Salon won two from Tuesday night. Fatland’s. Committees have been named for the Jackie Muentnich 345 talent show, to be held on April 28 Marion Crabbe 357 Talent (sic) – Vivian Sypcar and Mary Sally Biskin 407 Smith and Vera Kraker and Oleta Menzer. Bernice Malik 455(sic) Tickets – Noreen Gollick, Pat Corum, Evelyn Hackett 428 and Bernice Hayes. (the following ad text was Decorations – Marti Alltop, Pat Rogers, handwritten with the exception of Nancy Kirby, and Marge Huber the location) EASTER GREETINGS Master of Ceremonies – Al Menzer From Kelley’s Cities Service Cont’d AT THE GREEN AND WHITE (the following ad is handwritten) SIGN Rt. 52 We will be closed Easter Sunday, but Troy A.C. Club (handwritten) Wish you all a “Happy Easter” HAPPY EASTER Crombie Dairy Mart Don & Lew Games – Thursday 8 P.M. THE COLD SEASON IS UPON US ---- Euchre – Monday 8 P.M. GET YOUR PRESCRIPTION FILLED Fish Fry -- Friday HERE “MEDICINE IS OUR BUSINESS” At The South Side of Shorewood HO-2-2711 On Route 59 May You All Enjoy a Happy Easter. Telephone 725-9863 TREASURE ISLAND DRUGS (hand printed) Francis C. Moss R. Ph. U.S. 66 at U.S. 6 Rt. 3 Joliet 725-2973 SCHOOL NEWS CONT’D April 21-27, 1962 Publicity – Dorothy Baudi, Hazel Page 4 Stephens, and Louise McMillin. FIRE DEPARTMENT Program – Helen Kinzler, Virginia Special Euchre and Pinocle Party. Johnson, Mary Glass, and Joyce Portable Television, Clock Radio, Reed. and a Transistor Radio. Tickets, Raffle – Evelyn Phelps, Marge Available from any member, are Dibble, Pauline Travers, and $1. The public is invited. Mary Lou Prosise. Cancer Drive at at the Fire Station, Music – Linda Craughwell. April 29. Additional – Mary Lewis, Leona Euchre and Pinocle every Friday 8 pm Meyer and Thelma Hostort. Two Grass fires were put out on Friday. Door prizes will be given. The They were on River Road by Arthur raffle will be held. If you have not Sharp, and one in a corn field (sic) in Brook purchases your tickets as yet, all Forest. pupils have them. The prizes are: BIRTHDAYS 1 – Basket of groceries valued at Marie Ann Stafford April 22 (3) $25 Stanley Stafford April 22 2 – A $15 grocery certificate, Helen Stafford April 22 3 – Electric Clock. (sic) Mutchler April 29 4 – A Doll with Wardrobe. Mrs. Vince Creed is now home 5 – Pair of Lamps. after a stay in the hospital. Gary 6 – An Electric Blanket Creed is ill. That’s April 28 and curtain time is HANK FATLAND’S STANDARD 7.45 (sic) pm. Tickets are $1. and SERVICE students 25 cents. Your Standard Dealer in Shorewood Unofficial tally of votes set the Wishes all his friends and customers a election as: Joyous Easter (hand written) Larson 208 Ewing 149 Glass 127 725-9834 Blaser 113 Mead 113, and Alltop 109. John Phelps 279 Clyde Bankson 155 (all following add text was handwritten except for location, owner’s name and telephone number.) Troy Garage SERVICE EQUIPMENT ON RT. 52 – NEXT TO THE FIRE STATION George Hendrickson 725-2038 The Shorewood Sentinel 10cents 725-2973 April 28-May 4, 1962 Vol. 2. No. 18 Education (handwritten) This week is was brought home to me, just how little we as parents know what our children do about their education. You send them to school, give them the tools, books, and things they need to learn. They are even provided with some of the best teachers in the country, but they refuse to take an interest. Our country, with the compulsive education system, rates high in the world as a non-illiterate nation, but do some of our children care? NO. Why is it, that some children in a family can go to school and make an honest effort and learn? They make good grades and have fun while learning at the same time, while others who can do the work, do not. They spend their time at foolishness and day dreaming at the expense of the whole class, and sometimes the school. It only take one bad apple to spoil the whole barrel if it not taken care of Threats of failure, extra attention, and even bribes do not even make a dent in the nature of the “bad apple”. There must be a weak spot or an Achilles heel to this one bad student but no one has been able to find it as yet. If children only thought how much an education meant to them, would they put their best efforts into it and study? Most students are for the most part all right, but we do have the few who ruin them (sic) good times and memories of the school days for everyone. Do you have any suggestion on how to handle a person who refuses all help??? SCHOOL NEWS VILLAGE NEWS The first track meet of the year will be At meeting held Tuesday, the Held on Tuesday at the school at 3.30. (sic) ordinance for the Planning Entered into the meet are Laraway, Commission was adopted. This Elwood, Channahon, New Lenox and Troy. will outline the duties of the men. The events have not as yet been set. Troy at They are to meet further with Mr. Laraway on Thursday, after school. The Niznik. Jim E(sic) is to get an Invitational Meet will be at Troy on Tuesday, estimate as to the cost of (sic) the May 8 after school. The Western Sectional streets. As for the dogs, -- Housing of the Des Plaines Valley Conference will be is needed. A vet is to be called to held on Friday May 11. The Conference find out if all dogs could be Qualifying Meet will be held on the inoculated at the same time for a set 11th and any boy placing will enter the fee. A check will begin in the Championship meet at Lincoln Way High village on the vehicle tags, as soon as School on Monday May 14. the licenses arrive for the police car. The boys on the team for Troy are Charles The siren and light for the police car Spurgeon, Randy Kraker, John Ogg, will be purchased from Denzil Stephen Mills, Donald Bowen, Johm (sic) Smoters (sic) for $65. Insurance for Giest, Reggie Ogg, Teddy Richardson, the car was paid the amount of Gary Goodwin, Stanley Keyes, Bob Travers, $83.85. The village saw is to be Charles Ewing, Dennis Winchester, and repair (sic) and put into working Mike Roath. Order. The salary for Mr. Niznik (cont’d Page 2) was approved for payment in the amount of $250. for the four month period. Five building permits were issued by Mr. Lumley. Two are new (cont’d page 3) 725-2973 FIRE DEPARTMENT NEWS April 28-May 4, 1962 Three grass fires were taken care of Page 2 on April 26. A tractor owned by the School News Cont’d state was the cause of another call. It These boys will run on the Light- was on Route 80 at U.S. 65 at 3:30 weight team. Listed on the Heavy- pm. Damage was set at $250. Eight weight team are: Tom Seeley, Firemen will attend a Resuseitaor Fred Gaebler, Jim Prosise, Buzz (sic) Operators School scheduled for Giest, Ricky Roath, John Abel, and May 5 and 12, to be held at the Joliet Jack Bradford. Catepillar Plant. Time of classes on Wednesday May 2, the P.T.O. will be 8.30 (sic) to 4 each day. will serve the teachers annual Classes will include every type (sic) luncheon at noon. The next manual resuscitation and detailed P.T.O. meeting will be held on operation of all types of mechanical May 15. Don’t forget the “TONS OF inhalators (sic) and resuscitators. TALENT” tonight, Saturday at the Combination of lectures and actual School at 7.45. Tickets are $1. for operation of all apparatus with adults and 25 cents for all students. students (sic) participating. The VACATION NEWS eight men who will attend are: Dave and Betts Barry, along with their Kerry Sheridan, Dale Wagner, sons Timmy and Tommy took a week’s Paul Barnes, Gilbert Anderson, trip to the west. Places that they stopped J(sic) Richard Anderson, James were at Dallas, Texas to see two cousins Keers, Denzil Smothers, and of Betts, Dave’s brother in Tuscon. Kenneth Ray. Work is proceeding They took they (sic) boys to see the “old on the new fire truck. Winners of stamping (sic) grounds” of Wyatt Earp, drawing on Friday at the station at Tombstone, Arizona. A side trip to were: Hank Fatland Service Station, Old Mexico was also enjoyed. The (illegible) portable t.v., Robert remarks of all were “it was too short H(illegible) 406 Liberty St., the a trip. The weather was beautiful and clock radio, and Patrick G(illegible), we hated to end it so soon.” 203 Timberline, the transistor radio. THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK Judges for the drawing were, in order HOW FAR A CHILD WILL GO….. of prizes, Elizabeth Block, Mrs. DEPENDS….ON HOW MUCH GAS Emma Kaputanic (sic), and Ann T IS LEFT IN THE TANK… (illegible) Euchre and Pinocle (sic) (The following text was handwritten) were enjoyed by all. Our Number 725-2973 Crombie’s Dary Mart (handwritten) WINNER OF THE EASTER HAM WAS BEVERLY HARMS (sic) SPECIAL THIS WEEK MINT CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM 69 CENTS BANQUET T.V. DINNERS 45 CENTS BREAD----- 3/48 CENTS TELEPHONE 725-2564 725-2973 BOWLING NEWS April 28-May 4, 1962 This is the last week we will have Page 3 the Bowling News, except for VILLAGE NEWS CONT’D Awards Banquet. homes in Brook Forest Annex, Two Fatland’s Team won two from The new homes in Sunset Hills and a Sky Blue Lounge. remodeling in Shorewood. It was Al Ryan 364 also advised that all residents should Ginger Erickson 342 start their spring clean-up but to be Leah Clark 400 very CAREFUL about the fires they Irene Mulligan 323 start. The police car will be housed at Helen Ray 460 Jim Keeres’ house. The Orchid Beauty Salon won one TUESDAY NICHT PINOCLE CLUB from Town and Country. No scores The club met at the home of Mildred are available. Lizotte in Maycrest, last Tuesday night. BIRTHDAYS Prizes were won by Marge Horwath, WHAT!!! NO BIRTHDAYS THIS Leah Clark, and Irene Mulligan. Marge WEEK Was a substitute for Rett Schwartz. ANNIVERSARIES Others present were Ann Terlop (sic), Mayor and Mrs. Robert Schwartz Helen Shawmeker, Phyllis Schwartz and Phyllis and Bob Schwartz. April 25 Dolores Weber, who also was a substitute No. 18 For Emma Kapetanic. Next meeting HAND FATLAND CITIES will be held at the home of Leah Clark SERVICE on May 29. WINNER OF THE T.V. SET OF ILLNESS FIREMEN’S DRAWING FRIDAY. Jackie Muentnich has been under the (illustration of an oval with the Weather. Cheryl Ray and Robin Ray, following text): a touch of the flu. Valerie Blaser is Standard in St. Joseph Hospital for treatment. YOU EXPECT MORE FROM Her twin brother is also ill. A fever STANDARD AND YOU GET IT! brought on by a cold and longing for his sister. Larry Wagner is also not feeling too good. MEDICINE IS OUR BUSINESS (illustration of a pestle and mortar with the following handwritten): Treasure Island Drugs Francis C. Moss R. Ph. US. 66 at US. 6 Rt. 3 Joliet HO-2-2711